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Longworth Ltd – An Achilles Qualified Company

Achilles Audited At Longworth we are committed to meeting buyer and industry requirements when it comes to the supply of personal protective equipment (PPE). This is underlined by our membership of Achilles. But what does it mean to you?


Ultimately, you need to know that we aren’t going to add extra risk to your organisations’ risk profile. The main way to ensure this is by making sure Longworth is operating in a compliant manner. At Achilles, they work towards the relevant industry standards and make sure we are complying with the Modern Slavery Act, have a good health and safety record and a clear stance on corporate social responsibility.

Achilles QualifiedLongworth have achieved 100% in all areas.

Research commissioned by Achilles led to the discovery that the biggest concern for buyers when dealing with SME suppliers is ensuring that they follow the latest procurement standards and regulations. Buyers tend to be particularly wary of smaller contractors’ ability to comply with up-to-date legislation, so it’s vital for Longworth to demonstrate that they are on top of this. That’s why we go through the Achilles Verify Audit.

Up to Date Information

In the eyes of the buyer – you, in other words – a perfect supplier should always ensure its records are up-to-date.

Whether this is with regard to insurance certificates, financial performance, health and safety, environmental policy or training courses that have been completed, businesses need to make sure all information is relevant and regularly updated.

Not only does this make it easier for the supplier to keep on top of their policies and paperwork, but it also helps you to make better-informed decisions.

Achilles gathers information on various areas relevant to the industry during the pre-qualification questionnaire stage, that is a prerequisite of joining their community, and requires Longworth to undergo regular updates, for a further guarantee that this data is all up-to-date.

Continuous Improvement

For suppliers who have undergone an Achilles Audit, a score out of 100% will be given, indicating how well they have done. This is made visible to you alongside the audit report.

Longworth have achieved 100% in all areas.

This demonstrates to you that we are committed to continual improvement by learning from past audit results and achieving better audit scores year-on-year and that we are continually meeting the your ever-increasing standards.


Innovation is a key supply chain trend at present, and buyers like you want to see signs of this from the suppliers they work with because it could be what gives you an advantage.

The Achilles pre-qualification questionnaire includes a dedicated ‘supplier profile’ section where we can showcase our credentials, giving us the chance to highlight our achievements innovations, either internally or with an external organisation. For example, we are one of the first suppliers to achieve the new ISO standard ISO 45001.


As we said at the outset, our membership of Achilles demonstrates to you that we are serious about meeting both your and the industry’s ever changing requirements. We proactively maintain, if not exceed, those expectations.

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