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MSA miniSCAPE Escape Respirator


Originally designed for use in laboratories and plants where toxic gasses or vapours are handled and stored, the MSA miniSCAPE escape respirator can also be used in the home, in hotels, office buildings and other heavily populated premises to provide potentially life saving five minute respiratory protection from smoke, gases and vapours in the event of a fire.

Using the latest filtering media TabTec technology, the miniSCAPE is a one-time use escape device equipped with mouth piece and nose clip.

Small and handy, the miniSCAPE fits into the pocket of an overall or any work clothing. It can also be belt carried, with the very practical integrated belt clip.

In case of emergency, it can be donned very quickly and is immediately operational. The miniSCAPE does not even hamper people wearing goggles or glasses, since it is a mouthpiece device without head harness. It is housed in a rugged, translucent carrying case, to protect it against shocks and ageing.

  • Small design high performances
  • Quick and easy donning
  • Universal fit (mouthpiece)
  • Easy carrying in the pocket or at the belt
  • Safe respiratory protection also for persons wearing glasses and beard
  • DIN 58647-T7 (ABEK-5) Duration: 5 minutes
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